Our Philosophy

Relationships – Respect – Community

We nurture a child’s sense of wellbeing by fostering feelings of trust, security, happiness, confidence, empathy and respect through reflective practice underpinned by strong nurturing relationships and loving guidance.

We place a very high value on strong and evolving connections with families and the broader community including the school community, our neighbourhood and allied professional partners.  We value and embrace our families’ diversity and encourage their contributions to the centre, working in partnership to ensure the highest quality outcomes for all children.  Families’ voices, values and beliefs are heard, creating a sense of belonging within our community.  

Our cultural diversity is reflected in our children, families, educators and community of Australia.  We are respectful and inclusive of all children and families to enable equitable and fair and meaningful participation.  Each child is respected as an individual to reach their personal potential.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land, the Gadigal and Bidjigal Peoples and all First Australians.  We as educators are committed to continually educating ourselves about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identities, cultures and perspectives to support children to gain a deeper understanding of their culture, roots and sense of place while educating all children about the country they live in.  

We believe play is a fundamental element that evolves naturally in the development of every child.  Through their active participation in play-based learning, children’s voices and their natural curiosity are heard and their decision-making ensures their rights are respected and upheld. Children learn through play most effectively in a rich, varied, unhurried environment with meaningful and authentic experiences based on their interests, priorities and strengths.  We view children as capable, competent learners with a sense of agency and autonomy.  

The indoor/outdoor environment invites the building of friendships, exploration, curiosity and imagination.  Our children say it is fun and warm, welcoming and calm. 

Children learn about nature through our large natural environment that invokes a sense of awe and wonder, space and freedom.  Sustainability is embedded in our practices, encouraging children to be environmentally aware and responsible through caring for the land and living things and observing the seasonal changes.   

We believe in employing highly qualified educators and supporting them through tailored professional development to meet their individual goals and needs leading to high quality outcomes in teaching and learning for the benefit of our children.  We offer opportunities to critically reflect and plan together as a professional team, respecting and valuing each other’s ideas as well as exploring contemporary research to develop more innovative teaching approaches.  

Strong governance supported by frameworks, guides our decision making by being responsive and proactive, implementing structures that support quality outcomes for all aspects of the Learning Centre.



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